Microsoft Dynamics AX is Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software which is a part of Microsoft Dynamics family. The Microsoft Dynamics AX offers the business with fast value with delivering the core ERP along with the industry-specific capabilities to the maximum extent. Normally, the Microsoft Dynamics AX has been ultimately designed for the people who are working in the IT infrastructure with Microsoft business apps. You could find a faster adoption with the broader usage to the maximum extent. Cloud-based ERP is designed to help the entire enterprise for engaging to work in the much more smart way and connected to the systems such as financials, demand planning, database services, supply chain management and retail. Microsoft Dynamics AX is one of powerful ERP tools suitable for enabling the fast, fuel business growth and smart business process. Microsoft Dynamics AX is highly composed of major parts such as Database Server, File Server, The Application Object Server(s) (AOS), and The Client(s).

  • Warehouse management
  • Transportation management
  • Budget planning
  • Modern point of sale (POS)
  • Demand forecasting
  • Human resources
  • Master data management
  • E-commerce and social media

Microsoft Dynamics AX Training:

Microsoft Dynamics AX is the adaptable and integrated part of the business management solution. To excel in the Microsoft Dynamics AX, you need to have appropriate training from the experts so you can conveniently manage every aspect of the software and make a successful career. Microsoft Dynamics AX Training delivers the high-level overview of various Dynamics products and Dynamics modules, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and much more. Becoming an expert in the Microsoft Dynamics AX would be a great option for getting complete insight across various industries that includes the sales, retail, and many others. The Microsoft Dynamics certifications are most important to come with the CRM and ERP software applications. Since the line of products from the Microsoft Dynamics brings you the core skills in much more efficient and effective business management. Students can conveniently get a wide variety of Microsoft Dynamics Trainings that allows mastering latest Microsoft Dynamics CRM, NAV 2015 Functional, AX 7, NAV 2015 technical and much more. Microsoft Dynamics AX Training also lets you to easily opt for wide Microsoft Dynamics AX for gaining the technical knowledge of Microsoft Dynamics tools and software. With completion of Microsoft Dynamics AX Training students get wide knowledge about

  • Program custom business logic
  • Works with the data structures, reports, and user interfaces
  • Integrated MS Dynamics AX
  • Use of MS Dynamics AX built-in programming language

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